Conditions of Use

1. How to use Perfume – Perfume on your clothes or body will be 5-7 inch away from the chest, body or other parts of the body. After apply the perfume rub gently with hands to the body parts or clothes.
   - You can also use perfume on your hair and behind your ears.
   - Some perfumes have ingredients that cause headaches or  allergic reaction in you or those around you so keep that in mind.
2. How to maintain your Costly perfume – Use 2-3 spray at single body parts or clothes, keep perfume out of sunlight because heat and light will be change the reaction of perfumes and change the smell.  
3. Washing of cloths / undergarments for long lasting –
   - Prefer washing in cold water rather than hot water
   - Washing your cloth inside out so there is no issue in color
   - For delicate products, undergarments & bras use mash begs during the washing.
   - Separate the white and color clothes
   - Use less detergent

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