Ajmal Shiro EDP 90ml Citrus Perfume for Men
Ajmal Shiro EDP 90ml Citrus Perfume for Men
Ajmal Shiro EDP 90ml Citrus Perfume for Men
Ajmal Shiro EDP 90ml Citrus Perfume for Men
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  • Ajmal Shiro EDP 90ml Citrus Perfume for Men

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Description :

The top note reveals a bursting essence with the combined power of spicy and fruity ingredients. It is refreshingly spicy.

The heart of this fragrance is a combination of fresh spicy and aquatic essence along with exotic spices and cedar wood.

This fragrance finally settles into a mellow enchantment of cedar, amber and wood. The base brings a subtle yet noticeable resolve to the perfume.

Apply the perfume directly over clean and damp skin, preferably after a shower for better absorption.

For effective application of the perfume, the key is to spray it on the pulse points.

Spray the perfume behind ear lobes, behind knees, inner elbows, neck and wrist.

Ajmal Perfumes has nearly 6 decades of expertise in crafting enchanting and enticing fragrances. At Ajmal, we have perfected the science, art and craft of perfumery and are delighted to present our creations to you. These selections can be appealing to any contemporary connoisseurs who are also deeply rooted in traditional values. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de Parfum offer a discerning memorable experience.


About this item

  • Shiro: The perfect perfume to boost your confidence with its elegant fragrance.
  • Every note of the perfume emits soothing and delightful fragrance.
  • A fresh, spicy and enigmatic fragrance perfect for the men who love long-lasting citrus fragrance.
  • This are the Notes of the Perfume:- Top Note - Fresh Spicy Fruity, Middle Note - Spicy Aqueous Woody, Base Note - Woody Ambery Musky
  • Usage - While using it give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the bottle approximately 5 to 10cm away from your body or clothes as you spray it.

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